10th TMG GT86 Cup race – 27,402.75 km in the “Green Hell”

The end is nigh: The TMG GT86 Cup’s tenth and thus final race, part of the VLN endurance championship, will take place on 31 October. It will also mark the end of the third season of TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH’s popular brand cup. Behind the cup winners, Arne Hoffmeister and Fabian Wrabetz (Dörr-Motorsport), who despite their fourth place in the last race are still in with a chance, although a very small one, to win the VLN too, the battle for second place is still on. Kevin and Wolfgang Hönscheid (WH Motorsport) are only eight points ahead of the recently victorious Toyota Swiss Racing Team.

“We will go for it and certainly have a close eye on our Swiss colleagues and competitors,” says Wolfgang Hönscheid, WH-Motorsport’s boss and one of the drivers. Roland Baumann, the Swiss team’s boss, observes: “While we cut our deficit in half in the last race, it would still need a minor miracle to rank second in the end and of course we don’t wish for anyone’s breakdown. But who knows, a lot can happen in motorsports and we fill fight until the very end.“

In its third year, the TMG GT86 Cup is an established part of the VLN, which serves as the platform for all the brand cup’s races. As yet, and for all cup starters, these amount to an aggregate of 27,402.75 km in the notorious Nordschleife, which is deemed the most demanding race track anywhere. Still, there haven’t been any real technical problems, just some minor “bruises”.

Of the 200 theoretically possible laps this season, the old and new winners did 199. These amount to 4,847.242 km at racing speed – excluding free practice and qualifying. All the teams have as well got faster this year. Lap times of less than 10 minutes, in the first year still a barrier of sorts, are now commonplace. The as yet fastest lap time was 9.39,237 minutes, driven by Arne Hoffmeister in the first race – a really masterful performance. This is a median 151.387 kph and the fastest ever lap in the TMG GT86 Cup’s history.

The series is also special in another sense: It is very international. Beside drivers from Germany, there are also some from Belgium, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Thailand. This also attests to the increasing popularity this brand cup enjoys before it starts into its fourth season next year.

Interested teams and drivers will find detailed information on the TMG GT86 Cup, including the latestrules and regulations, at www.gt86-cup.com. Royalty-free high-resolution images of the TMG GT86 CS-V3 and the TMG GT86 Cup can be found at: www.toyota-motorsport-photos.com