4th TMG GT86 Cup race: eager rookies

Nils Jung’s (Dörr Motorsport) first cup race made him end up among the top three. At the TMG GT86 Cup’s third race this season, the student of mechanical engineering ranked third in his TMG GT86 CS-V3, together with the VLN-experienced Florian Wolf. No wonder, then, that the 24-year-old can’t wait for his next race, on 4 July. “The first race was really cool. It all went so well, but we know that it won’t always be like that. After all, without WH-Motorsport’s bad luck we wouldn’t have been able to rank third. They were faster than us,“ admittes Jung. He thus does not aim for any specific place in the next race but for a better performance of his. “I now want to take a lap in less than 10 minutes,” says Jung and explains why this is realistic: “I have felt really comfortable in that car right from the start. It has helped a lot that I knew the TMG GT86 CS-V3 from the RCN races I had to do for my Nordschleife licence.“

Less spectacular was the VLN debut by Matthias Hauer and Adrian Pretzsch, also driving for Dörr Motorsport. After a promising beginning, Mattias Hauer had to end the race because of a technical defect. He is still enthusiastic, though. “To drive on the Nordschleife is just great,” says the Frankfurt-based lawyer, who was looking for a new challenge, after a few years in the Porsche Sports Cup. “Driving the Toyota was huge fun. It gives its driver precise feedback and is thus a perfect car for beginners.“ Hauer and Pretzsch also had to defer their cup debut, initially planned for the 1st race, to get their newly introduced Nordschleife licence first.

But this one race was nevertheless enough  to whet their appetite. “We are very ambitious now. We want to be successful in the TMG GT86 Cup and perhaps even drive the 24-h race in this car,” Hauer says.

Interested teams and drivers will find detailed information on the TMG GT86 Cup, including the latestrules and regulations, at www.gt86-cup.com. Royalty-free high-resolution images of the TMG GT86 CS-V3 and the TMG GT86 Cup can be found at: www.toyota-motorsport-photos.com