5th TMG GT86 Cup race: Dörr Motorsport is half-time champion

The current TMG GT86 Cup leaders, Arne Hoffmeister and Fabian Wrabetz (Dörr Motorsport), extended their lead with a wire-to-wire win and are now half-time champions in the Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s brand cup.

Arne Hoffmeister pulled clear to begin with and handed over his GT86 CS-V3 to his teammate Fabian Wrabetz with an edge of about 2.30 minutes. The 25-year-old student was then able to extend that lead to incredible 4.58,588 minutes on the second-placed TMG GT86 Cup car.

Regarding the second place, the father-and-son team of Wolfgang and Kevin Hönscheid of WH Motorsport fought a tough but fair battle against Olivier Muytjens and Bruno Barbaro of AMC Sankt Vith from the beginning of the race. Muytjens/Barabaro won by the latter because in the Mercedes arena, WH Motorsport veered off the track and, slightly damaged, had to make a pit stop. “Fortunately, and despite the impact, nothing except the wishbone was damaged. The team did a great job and we were back on the track in short order. But it is a pity that this made us miss the second or third rank, of course,” says Kevin Hönscheid.

But the AMC Sankt Vith team also had lots of bad luck. No fuel meant their car had to stop on Döttinger Höhe while ranking second. But driver and team boss Olivier Muytjens is able to laugh it away: “A spectator got me to the petrol station, so I was only 35 minutes late when re-entering the race. Thanks again to my saviour!”The beneficiaries were Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert, with number 533, obtaining the second place with the Toyota Swiss Racing Team.

Third were Thomas Bolz and Nils Jung, also of Dörr Motorsport. “To be sure, we were lucky. But the boys’ good performance came as no surprise to us but attests to our promotion of young talents,“ says Uwe Isert. His positive conclusion: “The TMG GT86 Cup does not only provide motorsports at an excellent price-performance ratio but is also huge fun. I am proud of all our team’s performance. They all did a great job and we will now be fully motivated for the second half of the season.“

Interested teams and drivers will find detailed information on the TMG GT86 Cup, including the latestrules and regulations, at www.gt86-cup.com. Royalty-free high-resolution images of the TMG GT86 CS-V3 and the TMG GT86 Cup can be found at: www.toyota-motorsport-photos.com