7th TMG GT86 Cup race: The Six Hour challenge

Driving on the Nordschleife for four hours is quite taxing to begin with, but the seventh  race of the TMG GT86 Cup is going to last even six hours. The highlight of this VLN season, the endurance championship of which the TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH brand cup forms a part, will pose a huge challenge to the drivers. “And to our cars, too,” adds Wolfgang Hönscheid, WH-Motorsport’s team manager and co-driver.

The car-part and tyre dealer from Hennef will try to rise to this challenge with a team of two, as some other starters as well. Just like in all the other races, Hönscheid will share the cockpit of his TMG GT86 CS-V3, number 538, with his son Kevin. But Hönscheid senior is not going to reveal his tactics. “Not only would some of our competitors be much too interested, many of the decisions are taken on the spot anyway,” says Wolfgang Hönscheid. “Of course, we always have a plan, but you can’t implement it in full. If a driver is really going for it and going fast, too, he may well do a double stint. Often the weather is also decisive and you have to make an unscheduled pit stop for example,“ Hönscheid knows. “Just like in real life, things will never quite turn out as planned.“

WH-Motorsport has prepared the racer, wich is stickered in the German colours, very well again. “The car is inspected prior to any race. But before a Six hours race, you are even more thorough and maybe exchange a wearing part a bit sooner than you would otherwise do. Better safe than sorry, reads the motto…,” says Hönscheid. So the WH-Motorsport boss, who, with his son, has ranked second this season twice, knows: ”We are well prepared and very optimistic.”

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport: “A Six hours race on a track that is tough on both drivers and materials is really quite a task for the teams. This race is considered to be the season’s highlight, and thus also of our TMG GT86 Cup. I hope the teams will achieve their designated targer and that we will see an exciting race.”

Interested teams and drivers will find detailed information on the TMG GT86 Cup, including the latestrules and regulations, at www.gt86-cup.com. Royalty-free high-resolution images of the TMG GT86 CS-V3 and the TMG GT86 Cup can be found at: www.toyota-motorsport-photos.com