The date: 24 July. Location: the legendary Nürburgring. The event: a six-hour race on the Grand Prix circuit and yet another highlight of the 2016 season as TMG invited 250 colleagues plus sponsors and business partners to enjoy a day out at the World Endurance championship. The goal: enjoying an action-packed day of motorsport with our hybrid race cars as the main attraction. A vivid live demonstration of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing in action, highlighting the great team spirit we enjoy within the TMG family.

Alongside the 6 Hours of Fuji, the WEC round at the Nürburgring is one of TMG’s home races and therefore something special for the entire team. As with last year’s event, the great atmosphere was enhanced with visits to the paddock, pit walks and the always-tasty food served in our hospitality area, this time for a total of 700 guests. Blue skies helped to turn this into a perfect experience as colleagues and guests were able to mingle with thousands of race fans, eyeing all the attractions around the paddock area and enjoying the racing action from the grandstands. “I was especially fond of the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes. And the TMG hospitality provided the ideal starting point to each of these excursions”, as one of our guests reported.

The TMG hospitality was once again situated at trackside four-star Dorint Hotel, its location next to the start-finish-straight and the unbelievable sight from its roof terrace offering great views of the action on track. Frequently visited throughout the event, this viewing area proved particularly popular. “The location was astonishing, allowed quite a privileged perspective of the track and we had been treated, literally from the beginning to the end of the event, with a great choice of nice food and drink. My guest was very impressed”, Bruno told us afterwards.

The first guests arrived at the TMG hospitality early in the morning. For many new colleagues this proved to be their first opportunity to see the TS050 HYBRID in action at a race track. And the event provided a welcome opportunity to chat with fellow colleagues or to meet co-workers from other departments, spending some time together and talking about their common passion: motorsport. “From my side, having attended my very first TMG event, I found it well organized, definitely a nice bonus from the company,” Bruno added.

Our many long-time associates are always looking forward to this exciting and privileged experience. “Like last year, I once again took a friend along who is very much into technology and motorsport and we spent some seven hours at the Nürburgring. It yet again turned out to be a fantastic day and I’m already excited about the prospect of returning next year,” Norbert told us. The perfect mix of a happy gathering and experiencing motorsport so close up at such a legendary track with so much tradition made all the difference for our colleagues and guests to enjoy a great day out. The fact that for the first time we were able to invite our colleagues’ families is what made this event all the more special, as Dominic confirmed: “It meant for the first time that my own family could take part in the event, and they certainly enjoyed it a lot.”

As a highlight to this experience, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing drivers visited the hospitality area to meet the guests. After each driver had given his personal view and an update from inside the cockpit, they signed autographs and posed for plenty of selfies.

“We had an unbelievable day at the Ring. Such a great atmosphere“, Hamish said. Only the disappointing result for the team put a bit of a damper on an otherwise fantastic experience for all of TMG’s guests. “It was a superb event, the hotel, the roof terrace, and the catering, all was just perfect,” he added. Anyone ever experiencing the fascination of the Nürburgring close up will understand why this will remain a memorable experience in the minds of everyone in the TMG family. All of our 250 colleagues and further guests returned home with a smile on their face.