“After the first straight, you have the first corner on the right; very difficult to stay flat. Very heavy braking into Dunlop Chicane, where you have to take a lot the kerb but not too much to upset the car, then you exit and go into the easy flat Virage de la Chapelle. But there is a big bump and you have to be very careful there. Then you arrive into the Esses de la Foret, you arrive in fourth and down shift to third. It’s a very quick left and right corner, then you exit and go into Tertre Rouge, a very quick right hand followed by the very long straight of Hunaudières. You go up the gears to top gear and this is where you reach the highest speed. You approach the first chicane, very late braking there, carrying the braking into the chicane until the apex of the second corner and then go early on the power and exit to carry the speed to the next chicane. The straight is again very long and you reach over 320km/h. You arrive at the next chicane, very similar to the first but you go to the left, brake very late, about 100m, downshift to second, exit then flat out. Back up to top gear, above 300km/h approaching Virage du Mulsanne, which is very tricky. Start to brake, turn at the same time, downshift to first gear, accelerate again towards Indianapolis. Back to top gear, then the very tricky Indianapolis corner; the first right hand is very difficult to do flat, you have to brake in the middle of the corner, then a very slow left corner with a lot of banking which you can use to carry more speed. A small acceleration then Arnage, the slowest corner of the circuit, first gear, but it is very important to exit well because the straight into the Porsche Curves is important. Back to top gear, above 300km/h again, you enter the quickest corner, the Porsche Curves, downshift to fifth, go flat for the second, stay flat for the third then downshift to fourth for the Corvette Corner. You go back on the power, fifth gear for the Karting Corner, then you arrive at this very small chicane that is flat, just before the first Ford Chicane. There you arrive in fifth, downshift to third and finish the chicane in second gear, you take the kerb as much as you can and there you go, that’s a lap of Le Mans.”