Alex Talks Spa

Formula One World ChampionshipSpa-Francorchamps is a legendary circuit within motorsport and a regular feature of any driver’s ‘favourite circuit’ list. One of those who counts Spa among his top tracks in the world in TOYOTA Racing’s Alex Wurz. Here he gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to drive the famous Belgian track:

“Spa is very special because it’s one of the remaining race tracks where the track is built into the nature and not nature around the track. It’s a lot of up and down through the forest and it is quite a long lap. You have of course very famous corners like Eau Rouge or Blanchimont, but you have also a great history of racing, good and bad. I lost one of my heroes in Spa, Stefan Bellof, who crashed in Eau Rouge. All of this makes the track special for a driver. It’s quite heroic to win a race there and that’s why I love it.

“The main corner is probably Eau Rouge; the Eau Rouge-Raidillon combination where we arrive very fast. Maybe in qualifying you can do it flat out. In the race, I think we have to do a little lift, so it always brings you to the limit, of the car and of the driver comfort. That’s why it’s so good and that’s why we like it; if you get it right you’ll carry maximum speed into Kemel Straight.

“Then you have a fast corner section down the hill, the right left of Les Combes and the 90 degree right of Malmedy. Again, that keeps the driver awake. Then, a lot of high-speed corners coming back to the pits with Stavelot, Blanchimont, the Bus Stop chicane… A very cool race track lay-out especially for sportscars and that’s why I like it.”