Alex Wurz in the WEC press conference

Alex Wurz appeared in the traditional pre-event WEC press conference today at Bahrain International Circuit, between practice sessions. Here is a flavour of what he had to say:

What did victory in Brazil mean to the team?

Of course it feels extremely rewarding to win in the third race of our programme, and we should not forget we are competing against a giant of racing – Audi, dominator of the last decade of sportscar racing. It is a big achievement with a completely new concept of car. There is a lot of pride in the team and as well in Japan.

Tell us about track here in Bahrain?

When I have driven here before it has been at a different time of year so it has not been as hot. I like the track; it has quite a nice flow. Some corners are a bit special and quite tricky so you have to be quite disciplined behind the wheel. What is interesting is you never find the perfect set-up because the circuit is changing, with the sand and then the rubber going down. You always change the set-up and, especially for me as a perfectionist with set-up, it is quite a challenge.

What are your targets for the rest of the season – more wins?

Please don’t expect that we are in a winning position at every race. We have won the last race but we are still in a new programme,
still very much at the beginning. I am sure Audi has analysed the race in Brazil and I would expect them to come back stronger. It will be tough for us but we are determined and I hope we can do it again, that is the aim.