Alex Wurz : “We have a chance”

Experienced driver and two-time Le Mans winner Alex Wurz was back at the wheel of the TS030 HYBRID this week. We took the opportunity of this first run to make a short interview. And even if the start of the FIA World Endurance Championship is in two months, we can already feel the motivation of Alex.

How do you feel after testing the updated car?

“I am very happy with the feeling, the feedback and the performance of the updated car. There are clear improvements, on aero, steering feelings or on kerb riding. It is nice to start again and to join my team-mates, the engineers and the whole team. Last year at the same period, we had no idea of our performance. Now we know that every little improvement will help us to make a step closer to potentially win the championship.”

You speak about the changes on the car but does the team also change since last year?

“Yes because twelve months ago, all was new and we had to begin with several different cultures, like German, Japanese, French and other nations. And we had to do everything in a short time frame. Now, we are in a normal time, we know each other better so I think we are more efficient.”

After three wins in the first season of the TS030 HYBRID, what are your expectations?

“For TOYOTA Racing, it’s motivating. I don’t feel more or less pressure than last year. When your first car allowed us to be successful and to challenge Audi, it’s just motivating. As a driver, it’s not a question of expectations. It’s all about achievements. Of course, the goal changes from last year: now, it’s to win!”

And how is your chance to win?

“Much higher than last year! We have a chance and we are making everything possible to put the things together to win. We should have all the tools to achieve this target.”

You seem different when you are in a race compared to testing; like a warrior. Is it a true impression?

“I think it’s true and I am very well aware that is part of my character. When the race is on, then I am turning on maximum attack. I am quite a calm person, but it’s not true when I am in a race car!”