Toyota Hybrid Racing World Endurance Championship. 6 Hours of Bahrain. 18th-21st November 2015. Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain.

We caught up with Anthony Davidson after the season for a quick chat to look back on 2015. Here’s what the 2014 World Champion had to say…

Can you describe your 2015 season?

It hasn’t been the season I’d expected to be honest. The car felt really similar to the car we had last year but the competition made a big gain and unfortunately left us in a position where we were not able to fight for victories.

How did you keep motivated?

Well, luckily we’ve got a sister car so we could always have a good fight with them and particularly in the races like Austin, we had a really good team battle and had good fun there.

Has there been any highlight of the 2015 season?

I don’t think I actually did a start at all last year in 2014 and I kind of missed that. So I actually got the chance to do the start in Shanghai this year, which was good for me personally. I really enjoyed that in difficult conditions and I even managed to overtake one Audi at the start. It was good fun and it felt like I was in a race.

How did the 2015 TS040 evolve compared to the 2014?

Actually it did evolve and that’s why we are so surprised about how it turned out this season. We gained about two seconds a lap on last year’s dominant car, so we thought we would at least be in the fight. In relatively terms we were flying compared to the old car and we were all confident, that’s why it was a big hit when we came to the Prologue and realized our targets weren’t high enough.

What do you plan during winter?

I’m planning to have a big push on the fitness side and enjoy the time off in general. Also spending time with the family, I’m really looking forward to Christmas. All in all it has been a tough year. So it’s nice to spend some proper family time now and hopefully in all aspects next year will be a nicer year.

What are your hopes for next year?

The hopes are first of all to have a healthy and happy family around, that’s definitely the main thing and secondly is to have a faster race car and to regain the #1 that we lost this year… and to win Le Mans!