Anthony Davidson : “Silverstone will be my first challenge of the season”

Anthony Davidson was looking forward to jump in his car again for the TOYOTA Racing endurance test at Paul Ricard in the south of France. Away from the cockpit during eight months after his accident in Le Mans, the British driver is back to full fitness and up to speed.

Your accident during the Le Mans 24 Hour race took you away from driving for a long time and today you’re back on track? How do you feel?

“After eight months away, it was a little bit difficult, but it’s so good to join the team again and to sit behind the wheel. I recovered my overall speed pretty quickly but the challenge is to stay consistent. But everything is going well and good feelings are back!”

Eight months and three wins later, the team seems to have made a big step forward, do you agree with that?

“There’s definitely been a change that I can feel and see. There is a lot more confidence in the team. You just have to see the way people are working with the car; they understand the car a lot better. Things happen a lot faster in the garage than they did last year. Everything is coming together and for me seeing the team in operation after such a long time, there is a big difference. It’s so much slicker than it was and you can see it’s a winning team now. The new version of the car is performing well and feelings were good for all the drivers. A lot of work has been done and everybody is moving in the same direction.”

What is the target this year?

“We have a double challenge this year, the Le Mans 24 Hour race of course and the World Endurance Championship which will start off with my home race, in Silverstone. Even if Le Mans remains the key race, the WEC is a good opportunity to improve and challenge for the title this year. The first round will take place in Silverstone and for me it’s very important. Last time I raced there I won, it was in 2010. I had to miss the 2011 race because I broke my collar bone during the season and unfortunately I missed the race last year as well. Hopefully we’ll have lots of fans and the weather will be on our side, but it will be great to start there.”