Arne Hoffmeister wins seventh TMG GT86 Cup race – Championship still undecided

The seventh TMG GT86 Cup race started last Sunday (28.09.2013) in beautiful sunshine. In an exciting race, the Dörr Motorsport GmbH team (#533), with Arne Hoffmeister (Lutter), Rob Thompsen (AUS) and Angus Chapel (AUS) in the cockpit, crossed the finish line with an edge of more than three minutes on the chasing pack.

Uwe Isert, Team Manager Dörr Motorsport GmbH: “We are pleased with Arne Hoffmeister, Rob Thompsen and Angus Chapel’s success. This win was important for us in terms of the overall standings in particular. If we don’t become champions this season, we will be stronger next year, when we will again participate in the TMG GT86 Cup with two TMG GT86 CS-V3s.“

Initially it hadn’t looked too good for the Dörr Motorsport GmbH team, though. In qualifying, Ludo, Marc and Ken Stessens (Renstal Excelsior, #525) were best at 10:05.681 and secured the pole position ahead of Leutheuser Racing&Events (#530) and Theo Kleen, Vincent Kolb and Thomas Koll (#536). In the race, an accident at “Quiddelbacher Brücke”, however, forced the Belgians out. The three Dörr drivers could then come through from fourth and lead the pack. Hoffmeister, Thompsen and Chapel stayed in the lead to the very end, and at 09:57.756 drove the fastest lap and had an advantage of 03:14.501 on Leutheuser Racing&Events when crossing the finish line. Theo Kleen, Vincent Kolb and Thomas Knoll maintained their qualifying position and ranked third.

But it wasn’t only the on-track battle in the seventh race of the TMG GT86 Cup that was exciting, the championship also hasn’t been decided yet: Jutta Beisiegel (Kaiserslautern) and Alexander Kudrass (Lohmar) are first with 35.28 points. In the next two races, Arne Hoffmeister (33.46) could overturn this gap and win the championship. It will thus all remain undecided until the very last race on 26 October.

The TMG GT86 Cup has now been extended into the 2014 and 2015 VLN seasons. Thus, at VLN 9 and 10 TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH will have info events and test drives available. The info events will take place on Friday 11 October and Friday 25 October from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the TMG Lounge (Lounge 6), with the test drives in the morning during training. For further information on these events and test drives and on the TMG GT86 Cup please e-mail the cup organisers at

TMG also provides an info exchange and a team and driver data base at, where you will also find other information on the TMG GT86 Cup and the TMG GT86 CS-V3.

The TMG GT86 Cup is a GT86 CS-V3 event exclusively and takes place within the framework of the popular VLN series on Nürburgring. Driving in the famous “Nordschleife” aside, trophy money and in-kind prizes can also be won.