Ask the Drivers: Food

World Endurance ChampionshipA quickfire insight now into what a driver eats during the Le Mans 24 Hours…

Alex: Avoid anything that you haven’t eaten before. You have to make sure during the race, with the tension and adrenaline, you only eat food that your stomach is used to eating. Don’t start experimenting by taking any muesli bar you find; it might give you a real bad stomach. For example, I do not drink any isotonic drinks through the 24 hours unless I have tested them before. Normally I drink peppermint tea because it keeps me settled.

Stéphane: Pasta and rice are important. Not too much – I prefer to eat many times small amounts.

Kazuki: It’s nothing special. Of course if it you don’t have enough time before driving you cannot eat too much. If you have two hours, you can have normal food like pasta or salad. I try not to have too much fat or oil. Apart from that there is no real restriction.

Anthony: My body lives on carbohydrates. I really need carbohydrates mixed with proteins. It is basically the kind of food I can eat through the whole event and that keeps me going. I don’t have a lot of body fat so whatever I eat, I live on. The first year I did LMP1, it was in 2009 and it was more physical, I really had a low level of energy after the race. I was in a really bad way and had no energy at all because I did not eat a lot. I learnt from that and I know that to stay on top I need to eat, drink and sleep enough.

Nicolas: Pasta is always the best to eat for me. Each driver will choose different kind of foods but for me, pasta remains the best solution.

Sébastien: For me, if I am not very hungry I will eat fruits. If I am hungry, I will go for chicken and pasta, some food like this which stays in your body quite a bit. In fact, it depends at what time you eat as you cannot eat always the same.