Ask the Drivers: Post Race

MOY22022In the final instalment of our insight into a driver’s experience of Le Mans, we ask ‘what is the first thing you do when you get home after the race?’ And there are no prizes for guessing what the number one priority is!

Alex: Sleep or celebrate. Hopefully this year is the celebration.

Stéphane: Relax, sleep and then training again with my bike. It’s nice to spend time with my family. I change nothing in my lifestyle and I spend time with my friends and family. It is not good to change your habit. I have a normal life, I do not go to parties, I am not a drinker, I have a normal sportsman’s life so there’s no reason to change.

Kazuki: Just rest. I am away from my home for almost one month so I miss some food from Japan. But generally I think I just miss to sleep in my own bed. You just want to rest a bit because all week you have pressure until you finish the race. I guess for a driver it is easier than the engineers because they have to stay awake for almost two days…

Anthony: The very first thing is to see my family and talk about the race with my son! He is fascinated by racing and he won’t give me a minute to relax. I will also take care of my daughter. Real life! And after all that, I will probably go to sleep.

Nicolas. I sleep – a lot. During the all week, adrenaline keeps you awake and you feel you are not tired. But when the race is finished, adrenaline is down and you get a big kick, it is really time to rest. Usually, I also watch the race again, not the whole race but the key moments.

Sébastien: Sleeping of course! If you had a good race, you want to see the best moments just to realize what you have done. It could be a very nice moment.