Battle for the top

Two races, two winners – the new TMG GT86 Cup season is most exciting. While Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith won the first race and the Toyota Swiss Racing Team the second, Nils Jung (25) and Florian Wolf (29) are quite determined to win next Saturday, having ranled second twice in TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH’s (TMG) attractive brand cup this season.


Jung/Wolf have started well and now want to give their all. “We want to win the TMG GT86 Cup this year,“ the project manager throws down the gauntlet to their peers. And no wonder, since they and Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith’s “Brody“, Bruno Barbaro and Olivier Muytjens are now tied at the top. Nils Jung, however, is not quite so single-minded. “We always give our best. Let’s see how it goes,“ the mechanical engineering student says. The two have been a team in the TMG GT86 Cup since 2014, then with Dörr Motorsport. The two have known each other since their childhood days and started their career in motorsports in the Oppenrod kart team.


Uwe Kleen is very satisfied with his drivers’ performance. “Both are full members of our team now. Their performance is steady, they work fast and hardly make any mistakes,” reads the Ring Racing team manager’s praise. “They certainly deserve a win. Mind you, they almost got one in the second race but sadly we had bet on the wrong tyres, which cost us time. But then they came back and ranked second, which only shows how good they are“.


Up to now, this year’s TMG GT86 Cup season has been very exciting and the third run will be something very special. For the last time, the starting grid will be entirely composed of the classic cup racer. At the fourth race weekend, the new GT86 CS-Cup, the advanced version of the GT86 CS-V3, will be released, which then runs in the SP3 class. The car features refined aerodynamics and a reworked engine control. However, the V3 versions will still be allowed to fight in the TOYOTA brand cup, which takes place in the framework of the VLN.


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Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer customer motorsports: “The next race is not only about points. For some teams, it is also the dress rehearsal for the 24h race at the end of May. There is not much time to prepare for this event, so I wish all our drivers and teams even more luck than usual to finish the race without any incidents.“


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