Dominik Greb and Christian Scherer TMG United’s new drivers

That was quite a surprise TMG United saw at its drivers selection during the VLN test-and-tune runs: no fewer than two new talents qualified themselves for the TMG GT86 CS-V3. Next to core driver Charlotte Wilking the team will now also feature Dominik Greb (22) and Christian Scherer (25).

It was the third time that TMG United, exclusively made up by TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH staff, wanted to find talented drivers for the VLN through its own selection process. From many applicants six had been chosen for the selection proper. “And in the end, Dominik Greb and Christian Scherer seemed to be the best qualified candidates. Both have experiences at the ‘Nordschleife’ and are very good drivers, at more or less the same level. So we thought it would have been unfair to let either go and spontaneously opted for both.“ says André Haun, TMG United’s chief-senior-mechanic.

Team manager Martin Duke gave furthermore another reason for the new team’s line-up: “We wanted to get on within the team as well. So we thought having three drivers now would be a nice challenge. Let’s see what effect this will have on the team’s performance.“ the 49-year-old American said. The team will see its first race on 28 March, when the VLN season starts”.

Dominik Greb, an automotive technician from Wülfrath, can look back upon three years of experience with the ‘Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring’ (RCN) and the VLN. “I’m very happy about this new challenge and hope that I will grow with the team,“ he says. His new teammate Christian Scherer is also an automotive technician, from Bad Neuenahr. He has been into motorsports since 1997. His biggest success was in 2013, when he won the RCN championship. “I want to become a full member as soon as possible and then I have the odd to succeed with TMG United,” is how Scherer puts his goals this season.