CS-R3 Technical Specifications

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Type Boxer, flat four
Capacity 1998cc
Power 171KW/ 232 PS
Torque 235Nm/ 6,800 rpm
Exhaust system HJS racing exhaust + exhaust manifold
Fuel cell 70l FT3 safety cell
Bodywork Steel monocoque bodyshell and roof ventilation,
Homologated R3 safety cage
Type RWD
Getriebe 6-speed, sequential
Ratio I = 5.0 (V/max 180 km/h)
Optional I=5.3 (V/max 168 km/h)
Clutch Racing clutch and light-weight flywheel
Differential Torsen, adjustable barrier effects
Shock absorber Tarmac: REIGER, 3-way adjustable Gravel: REIGER, 3-way adjustable
Stabilizer Several Options
Rims Taramac: OZ 7” x 17” Gravel: OZ 6” x 15”
Brake caliper

Front: ALCON, 4-piston race caliper

Rear: ALCON, 2-piston race caliper


Front (tarmac): 330mm x 30mm

Rear (tarmac): 295mm x 10mm

Front (gravel): 300mm x 30mm

Rear (gravel): 280mm x 10mm

Brake hoses Braided hose front/ rear
Dimension 4,240mm x 1,775mm (Length x Width)
Wheelbase 2570mm
Kerb weight 1080kg (by regulation)