Type Boxer, flat-four
Displacement 1998ccm
Power 147 KW/ 200PS / 7,000 rpm
Torque 205Nm/ 6,400 rpm
Exhaust TMG Motorsport exhaust system with  2 FIA Motorsport catalysers
fuel cell 50l
Safety cage Welded roll cage, certified, reinforced jacking point, strut brace
Drive RWD
Gearbox 6-speed, manual
Clutch OE
Differential OE, Torsen, I=3,7
Type BILSTEIN adjustable two-way, bump and rebound
Strut bearing Adjustable camber, front
Rims O.Z., 8J x 17 Motorsport rim
Brake caliper

Front: OE, 2-piston brake caliper

Rear: OE, 1-piston brake caliper

Brake discs

Front: 277mm x 24mm,ventilated

Rear: 286mm x 10mm

Brake pads PFC
Brake hoses stainless steel
Brake cooling TMG brake cooling system
Certified safety cell
Race seat
TAKATA lightweight, 6-point motorsport safety-belt
Electronic fire-extinguishing system, FIA certified
Electronic master switch system
Safety window grid
Weight optimisation
320mm, 3-spoke motorsport steering wheel, radio button
Motorsport anti-slip footrest
Quick release fastener, bonnet & hoodlid
LSD Differential, Torsen, I=4,1
Differential Cooling kit
Engine oil cooling kit (plug & play)
Datalogger AIM EVO4 with central display
Racing seat passenger
Motorsport stabiliser front/ rear, adjustable three-way
Various spring setups
Exhaust silencer system (98 dB)
Dimension 4,240mm x 1,775mm (Length x Width)
Wheel base 2570mm
Weight 1204kg (depending on optional equipment)