2017 TMG GT86 Cup Teams

The TMG GT86 Cup spirit is forged by the teams who participate, coming from across Europe to test their skills on the daunting Nürburgring Nordschleife. Click on the team names below to find out more about them:

Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport
Based in Heusenstamm, Deutschland    
Cup History New in 2017    



Niklas Steinhaus (GER)

Born: 27/08/1987

Ulf Wickop (GER)

Born: 25/11/1976

Website http://www.adrenalin-motorsport.de    
Social Media Facebook    

Ring Racing
Based in Boxberg, Germany    
Cup History 2016: 2nd and 7th    



Klaus Niesen (GER) Marcus Willhardt (GER)  



Uwe Kleen (GER)

Ulf Wickop (GER)

Born: 25/11/1976

Website http://www.ring-racing.de    
Social Media Facebook    

Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith
Based in Würselen, Germany        
Cup History 2013: 8th, 2014: 8th, 2015: 4th & 6th, 2016: 3rd & 4th        



Jean-Francois Brunot (USA)

Bruno Barbaro (ITA)

Born: 29/10/1956

“Brody” (BEL)

Born: 27/07/1965




“Brody” (BEL)

Born: 27/07/1965

Olivier Muytjens (BEL)



Website http://www.oliviermuytjens.de        
Social Media Facebook        

Milltek Racing
Based in Adenau, Germany    
Cup History New in 2017    



Dale Lomas (GBR)

Born: 28/05/1980

Lucian Gavris (GER) 

Born: 06/03/1982

Werner Gusenbauer (AUT) 
Website http://millteksport.com    
Social Media Facebook    

Toyota Swiss Racing Team
Based in Safenwil, Switzerland    
Cup History 2013: 4th, 2014: 10th, 2015: 3rd, 2016: 1st    



Manuel Amweg (SUI)

Born: 24/03/1989

Frédéric Yerly (SUI)

Born: 22/04/1976

Website http://www.toyotaswissracingteam.ch    
Social Media Facebook    

Leutheuser Racing&Events
Based in Bad Königshofen, Germany    
Cup History 2013: 1st, 2014: 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2016: 8th    



“Jan Sluis” (BEL)

Born: 23/07/1966

Dirk Leßmeister (GER)

Born: 23/09/1980

Website https://www.leutheuser-racing-events.de    
Social Media Facebook    

AM Motorsport
Based in Mannheim, Germany    
Cup History New in 2017    



Alexander Müller (GER)

Born: 17/12/1971

Jan Focke  (GER)  Harald Leppert (GER)
Website https://www.am-ringtaxi.de    
Social Media Facebook    

Martynyuk/Dr. Herbst/Martin
Teamsitz N.N.    
Cup-Erfolge Start in 2017 VLN8    



Maxim Martynyuk (RUS) Dr. Jochen Herbst (GER) Célia Martin (FRA)
Website N.N.    
Social Media N.N.