Team #57 SARD Co. Ltd.
Drivers Masanori Sekiya (J), Masami Kageyama (J), Hidetoshi Mitsusada (J)


Race Results Retired (accident at 8.10am, Mitsusada)
Top Speed (kph) 298
Qualifying Position 36th overall, 22nd LM-GT1
Qualifying Time Masanori Sekiya in 4’06″532 (average: 198.595 kph)


Car Type Supra LM
Category LM-GT1
Chassis Steel
Chassis Number 04


Engine Type 3S-GT
Capacity (cc) 2140
Cylinders Straight four
Turbo Toyota
BHP 650
Injection Nippondenso
Spark Plugs Nippondenso
Lubricants Mobil 1
Fuel Mobil 1
Gearbox X-Trac
Gear 6
Brake Discs Carbone Industries
Callipers Brembo
Brake Pads Carbone Industries
Wheels Rays
Tyres Bridgestone (front), Dunlop (rear)
Shock Absorbers Kayaba
Weight (kg) 1141
Length (mm) 4530
Width (mm) 1910
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm) 2570

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