Gala performance by Dörr Motorsport in the TMG GT86 Cup’s 3rd race

In the 3rd race of the TMG GT86 Cup, Arne Hoffmeister and Fabian Wrabetz (Dörr Motorsport) showed a really good performance. With an impressive wire-to-wire win, the defending champions extended their lead in the attractive TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH brand cup. Second were the Belgian Pit Lane team, headed by Olivier Muytjens with Joe Moore behind the wheel. Third were the second Dörr Motorsport  duo, namely Nils Jung and Florian Wolf.

On Saturday morning, when the track was still wet, Arne Hoffmeister had been the fastest Toyota driver, and with 11.12,307 minutes his GT86 numbered 534 occupied the pole position. “We started the qualifying round fast and were still enjoying some good conditions. When it then began to rain harder, it became clear that we would be unbeatable,“ said Arne Hoffmeister. In the race as such, the conditions were perfect and his teammate Fabian Wrabetz was in the lead right from the start, a position he continuously extended. “When I took over the wheel, we already had quite an advantage over the others. I could fully concentrate on my rhythm and was in full command,” Hoffmeister explained later. “I only put the pedal to the metal near the end, when many of the cars had dropped out and the track was less crowded“ said the 26-year-old hobby racer, who had also driven the fastest lap with 9.43,834 minutes.

“I’m very happy” with the second place, said Olivier Muytjens, especially since the Belgian had to start without his two regular drivers, “Brody“ and Bruno Barbaro, who were replaced, on short notice, by the VLN-experienced Brit Joe Moore. “Joe did very well indeed, considering that he didn’t even know the car. We really had a perfect race today,” said Muytjens.

In the beginning Kevin Hönscheid (WH Motorsport) was also still in the race for one of the top three positions and initially the one who was chasing Hoffmeister. But in the third round there was “an unfriendly engagement with the enemy” in the Wehrseifen stretch, as Wolfgang Hönscheid, head of the team, put it. The car, damaged at the front on the right, was taped then and the father-son duo still even ended the race ranking fourth.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport: “Well, there have certainly been more exciting races in our cup, but this was a gala performance by Hoffmeister/Wrabetz and their Dörr Motorsport team. Congrats! And the fact that in the 4 hours of the race our leaders made up 21 places in the overall score shows that our GT86 CS-V3 is a sophisticated racer and perfectly geared to the conditions obtaining here on the Nordschleife.“

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