Getting to know… Alex Wurz

Your favorite sport? Motorsport and cycling.
Your favorite sportsman?  No one in particular.
Your favorite “hero”? Lightning McQueen.
A “super power” you would like to have? To be good at mathematics. No in fact, to be unbeatable in mathematics!
If you would not be a driver? A professional sportsman.
Your favorite track? Macau.
Your favorite corner? Porsche corners at Le Mans.
The car that most impressed you? McLaren MP4-17D
The car you would like to drive? A car which doesn’t need to refuel.
Your motto? “Don’t die wondering.”
Your favorite color? Multicolor
Your favorite music? Pop-rock
Are you a big user of Internet, mobile and social network? Just what it needs and Twitter since one year.
Your favorite destination (city or country)? At home!