Getting to know… Kazuki Nakajima

Your favorite sport? Football and baseball.
Your favorite sportsman/team?  FC Barcelona.
Your favorite “hero”? Captain Tsubasa.
A “super power” you would like to have? It is from a Japanese comic : you knock the door and you are where you want to be.
If you would not be a driver? Something related to motorsport or in sport.
Your favorite track? Fuji Speedway and Silverstone.
Your Favorite corner? Maggots and Becketts.
The car that impressed you? Williams FW14B. It claimed lot of wins in 1992 and there is all the story behind Nigel Mansell.
The car you would like to drive? Red Bull RB7, which looks really fast.
Your motto? “Just do it” even if I am not a Nike guy !
Your favorite color? Red and white
Your favorite music? Japanese pop.
Are you a big user of Internet, mobile and social network? Yes when I have to.
Your favorite destination (city or country)? At home, as long as I have time. I also would like to go to Bolivia.