Getting to know… Nicolas Lapierre

Your favorite sport? Jogging, swimming…
Your favorite sportsman? Zinedine Zidane. He is world class!
Your favorite “hero”? (after reflection) Goldorak!
A “super power” you would like to have? Teleportation.
If you would not be a driver? “Chauffeur” or engineer…
Your favorite track? Spa or Macao.
Your favorite corner? Eau rouge corner.
The car that most impressed you? The Toyota GT-One…
The car you would like to drive? “This car exactly!”
Your motto? “Only winning is beautiful”
Your favorite color? “Blue”
Your favorite music? “Mainly pop. At the moment, I Follow Rivers, of Lykke Li”
Are you a big user of Internet, mobile and social network? “Yes quite big, and Twitter for social network.”
Your favorite destination (city or country)? “Australia and Sydney.”