Girl power on the Nordschleife: Jutta Beisiegel – with team-mate Alexander Kudrass – leads the TMG GT86 Cup

A female racing driver is a rarity in motorsport and, in a discipline dominated by men, she will naturally stand out. That’s truer than ever when a female driver is taking on the daunting Nürburgring Nordschleife flat out and leaving her male rivals trailing in the distance. Mind you, we are not writing about just any woman here, but about Jutta Beisiegel. The 51-year-old competes in the TMG GT86 Cup within the VLN series and is currently leading the standings, together with her team-mate Alexander Kudrass. They can be crowned champions at the next race.

Jutta Beisiegel is a well-known figure in motorsport. Born in Tuttlingen, Germany, she has been active since 1986, first in slaloms, then rallies. In 1990, she switched to circuit racing, in which she won various cups over the past 23 years. And getting into motorsport certainly wasn’t easy. “In my family and among my friends, nobody really liked racing very much. Some were just shaking their heads. And in the beginning, I didn’t know anything about all the financial and organisational input that is required. But that was what really got me going, because I wanted to assert myself and show all the doubters what I was able to accomplish.“

Starting this year, Jutta is part of the Leutheuser Racing & Events team in the TMG GT86 Cup, together with Alexander and Wolfgang Kudrass. She leads the standings with 44.28 points and with only one race left this season she is almost certain to be among the top three – and the championship is within reach. If one asks her for her recipe for success, she doesn’t have to think twice: “I knew during my first test on Hockenheimring that I like the TMG GT86 CS-V3. It is a lot of fun and the TMG GT86 Cup takes place in good basic conditions. The technical support and supply with spare parts are as great as is the prize money available. The brand cup is not only for old dogs but also something for new drivers with, perhaps, new tricks. I think it is a very successful concept!“

Jutta Beisiegel and Alexander Kudrass, her team-mate, may well become champions next weekend. The ninth and last race of the TMG GT86 Cup will take place next Saturday (26 October) at the 38. DMV Münsterlandpokal.