GT86 Cup Round 3: Ring Racing Dominates

The battle for the top in the TMG GT86 Cup races continues. Ring Racing’s Nils Jung (25) and Florian Wolf (29) won the third race of the attractive TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) brand cup. The Toyota Swiss Racing Team, winners of the 2nd race, this time ranked second. And the new Mathol drivers, Henric Skoog (SWE) and Graham Wilson (LUX), were surprisingly strong and ranked third.

“We want to win this race,” Florian Wolf had said before the race started. And he walked the talk! Having obtained the pole position with his TMG GT86 CS-V3 numbered 530 and driving the fastest lap of all drivers in 9.51,981 minutes despite cold temperatures, in the race itself the two drivers’ only slipped at the beginning, losing their head start. But starting with the 3rd lap, they clearly dominated the field and won with aplomb. “Our drivers performed really well,” team manager Uwe Kleen praised his drivers.

Henric Skoog and Graham Wilson in the Mathol car were also strong. For Skoog, it was only his second race on the Nordschleife, and for Wilson his first! “Both had got their Nordschleife licence only yesterday and today were already doing exceptionally well,“ Mathol boss Matthias Holle said about his young drivers’ third place.

The last endurance test of the car’s 2016 upgrade was equally impressive. In the SP3 class, it not only drove fast but also suffered no problems whatsoever over this four hours 4hdistance, ending up second out of eight. Test driver Emil Lindholm’s (FIN) fastest lap time was 9.42,495 min (this race’s best in its class), about 10 seconds faster than the fastest current cup racer (Swiss Racing: 9.52,976 min).

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer customer motorsport: “First of all, I would like to congratulate the Ring Racing team. Jung/Wolf fully deserved to win, having driven great and perfect laps. But I’m particularly pleased with our new cup car. In this test, we have again attained all our reliability and speed targets.”