GT86 Cup Round 2: TOYOTA Swiss Racing Team wins

That was a very exciting second TMG GT86 Cup race indeed, with Toyota Swiss Racing Team’s win, with Manuel Amweg (CH) and Thomas Lampert (LIE), only being  ensured on the last stretches.

It was over the first eight laps of this race in TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH’s attractive brand cup that the teams showed how exciting motorsport can get and the car in the lead changed no fewer than four times. After the fourth lap, the first TMG GT86 CS-V3, Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith’s, and the second, Swiss Racing’s, were only seven tenths of a second apart, and their lap times only two tenths of a second. This surely shows how very balanced this TMG GT86 Cup is.

It was only at the end of this four hour race that Swiss Racing was able to extend its lead and win. Ranking second were Nils Jung and Florian Wolf – Team Ring Racing, and it was these young pilots’ best joint race yet. After their win in the first race this season, Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith now ranked third. The fastest laps by each of the top 3 were only 2.6 seconds apart. “Our performance today was almost perfect and our drivers’ too,” Swiss-Racing boss Roland Baumann said after the race. “At one point, though, when it started to rain and we continued with slicks, we were really lucky: the track was dry again very quickly.“

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer customer motorsports: “The changeable weather made this a difficult race, and in the end Toyota Swiss Racing Team won its ‘tyre poker’. But if you look at their lap times, you can see that this was no accident but entirely deserved. Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith showed a great performance again today. They are certainly one of this season’s favourites.“