GT86 Cup Round 4: Rainy Battle

Nils Jung and Florian Wolf (Ring Racing) extended their lead in the TMG GT86 Cup, when they won again, for the second time in a row and despite rather adverse weather conditions with lots of rain and fog. Ranking second were Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert, Toyota Swiss Racing Team, with the third place going to “Brody“, Bruno Barbaro and Olivier Muytjens (Pitlane – AMC Sankt Vith).

“A very good performance by Jung/Wolf in awful weather,” Ring Racing boss Meino Kleen praised his drivers. “We were in the lead from right after the start and only had temporarily to relinquish it after our first pit stop. And while Swiss Racing showed good lap times and almost caught up with us, in the end we prevailed.“

Besides the drivers were full of praise for the upgraded car, the GT86 CS-Cup, which here saw its debut. “The aero kit is really great. The V3’ performance had been very good to begin with, but this upgrade puts us in an entirely different league. Even in these poor conditions we were able to give our all. We trusted this car’s performance from the very first moment,” Florian Wolf said. And his co-winner, Nils Jung, added: “The greater downthrust can particularly be felt when cornering fast. We can take such bends now one gear higher than before.“ On a few stretches, Thomas Lampert (Swiss Racing) even “thought to be in entirely different car. The CS-Cup is really an upgrade, in all respects.” “A better transmission, torque, brakes, a higher apex speed – driving this car is really great fun,” Olivier Muytjens, Pitlane – AMC Sankt Vith boss and driver, opined.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport: “The new upgrade required a lot of development work on the part of TMG. So I’m really glad about all this positive feedback. It will surely take some time until they are all fully familiar with it and able to utilise its full potential. In today’s weather, that was simply impossible. Therefore, it was really admirable how the teams rose to this challenge. The next race will, I hope, take place in much better weather. That will make it even more exciting.”