Joint Interview: Nicolas Lapierre and Sébastien Buemi

TOYOTA Racing will be a two-car team at Le Mans, and team spirit is already there. To show the good atmosphere, we made some joint interviews with one driver of car #7 and one driver of car #8. We start with Nicolas Lapierre and Sébastien Buemi. The first one is French but lives in Switzerland. The second one was born in Switzerland but now lives in Monaco, the racetrack of their first race together. And they remembered it! A funny interview with our two drivers…

When and how you meet for the first time?
Nicolas Lapierre: “I think it was in 2005, at Silverstone for one of the first testing session of A1 Grand Prix. Sébastien was running for Switzerland and me for Team France.”
Sébastien Buemi: “Dams was in charge of the Swiss and French single-seaters. That’s why we meet each other. I don’t think I had seen Nicolas before – maybe when he was racing in F3, but we didn’t have the opportunity to speak.”

Do you remember your first race together (against each other)?
NL : “Yes but Sébastien will talk about that…”
SB : “Nicolas was doing the full season in GP2, and I was making my first race, at Monaco, to substitue another driver. I set the fourth fastest time in qualifying, but missed my start. Nicolas had a staggered strategy and I was behind him at La Rascasse corner. He was quite wide so I tried the inside…”
NL : “And we crashed! Nobody try to overtake there. But I was not so upset. In fact, I forgot about that until Sébastien reminded me of it a couple of days ago.”

What is the main quality of your team-mate?
NL : “He is quick and honest.”
SB : “He is one of the best. And he is a self-made man, and there are not so many at this level.”

What is the main downside of your team-mate?
NL : “He is Swiss – no it’s a joke! He tries to overtake where it doesn’t have to!”
SB : “He supports Marseille soccer team.”

What do you have in common?
NL : “I live in Switzerland.”
SB : “I was born in Switerland”

Who is the quickest from you two?
NL : “The Frenchman.”
SB : “I have beaten you in qualifying at Monaco…”

Who is the most safe or wise?
NL : “Me for sure.”
SB : “Nicolas. He is older than me and has a quiet life.”

Which question would you want to ask to your team-mate?
NL : “Happy to be here?”
SB : “Yes, very happy ! Who is your hairdresser?”
NL : “Frédéric Moreno.”
SB : “No it is impossible! So we have the same…”