Le Mans 24 Hours : Drivers Quotes

TS030 HYBRID #7 (Alex Wurz, Nicolas Lapierre, Kazuki Nakajima)
Grid: 5th
Hour 1 (Alex): 3rd (+44.655secs) / Hour 2 (Alex, Nicolas): 4th (+2mins 28.615secs) / Hour 3 (Nicolas): 2nd (+52.281secs) / Hour 4 (Nicolas): 3rd (+1min 19.629secs) / Hour 5 (Nicolas): 1st / Hour 6 (Nicolas, Kazuki): 2nd (+6.368secs) / Hour 7 (Kazuki): 19th (+8 laps) / Hour 8 (Kazuki): 46th (+25 laps) / Hour 9 (Kazuki, Alex): 47th (+29 laps) / Hour 10 (Alex): 46th (+30 laps) / Hour 11 (Alex): retired (engine).

Alex Wurz:  “Despite the disappointment on track, I am happy to see that Anthony is okay; that is the most important thing. We have seen some positive aspects of our car, which showed a good level of performance. We have also seen where we need to improve; this race has shown us some important lessons we can work on in the coming weeks. I was a little surprise to see our rivals not getting faster, but it is a nice reward for everybody to lead the Le Mans 24 Hours at our first attempt. We have really shown a strong pace and gained some interesting information.”

Nicolas Lapierre: “I am disappointed to see the team retiring with both cars but on the other hand I think we can be happy with our level of performance. We have been fighting with the leaders with both cars which is a great achievement. We need to improve our reliability, which we knew anyway after a short testing programme before this race; the program is young and that was our first race. We did a good qualifying and a great start in the race. I am also thinking about Anthony; above all right now the main thing is that he recovers quickly.”

Kazuki Nakajima: “I was sad to hear about Anthony’s injury and, like the whole team I hope he gets well soon. It was a real disappointment to end the race early; our dream was to see the chequered flag. We had a good start but during my stint I had contact with another car after the safety car  period and then right after that we found an unrelated problem. We lost time there. I did some night running in difficult conditions; I had a flat spot on one tyre and big vibrations. It was difficult to get the temperature into the tyres and I struggled a bit to get them to work.”

TS030 HYBRID #8 (Stéphane Sarrazin, Anthony Davidson, Sébastien Buemi)
Grid: 3rd
Hour 1 (Stéphane): 4th (+50.580secs) / Hour 2 (Stéphane, Sébastien): 5th (+2mins 42.705secs) / Hour 3 (Sébastien): 3rd (1min 9.200secs) / Hour 4 (Sébastien): 2nd (+1min 16.333secs) / Hour 5 (Sébastien, Anthony): 4th (+1 lap / Hour 6 (Anthony): retired (accident).

Stéphane Sarrazin: “Firstly I am relieved that Anthony got out of such an accident and I hope he gets better quickly. Regarding the race, the car was competitive and after being cautious at the beginning, we were really on the pace. We were in a very good rhythm, with both cars in top three. For a car that has made is first laps only a few months ago, it is amazing to be at this level at Le Mans. There is some disappointment, of course, but we have to take the positives out of this experience.”

Sébastien Buemi: “It was an unbelievable day for me to start Le Mans for the first time and we gave a great performance until the accident. The car was really quick and we were giving the leaders a lot of problems. So that is definitely the positive to take out of this race for us because it shows we already have a very strong car. This should give a lot of motivation and excitement to the team. It was amazing; I really enjoyed it. The team worked so hard and we deserved much better than what we got but at least we showed what we are capable of by leading the race. For Anthony I am really disappointed; we look forward to him being back as soon as possible.”