MotorLand test : Drivers Comments

Alex Wurz: “I concentrated on development and, as a driver, I am happy because I could really push. We had a strong aero program, on different parts, and we also worked on the traction control, the hybrid system and on the set up in general. This was a good test which helps us to understand more the new aero package and this clearly marks a big step forward. We are going in the right direction but we still need to push hard and we keep on pushing.”

Nicolas Lapierre: “This test has been interesting. We run by a high temperature on a demanding track, including for tires. We had some issues but the goal of this kind of testing session is also to discover it. We have been able to test our new bodywork by a high level of speed, so we can see the level of downforce and drag. We have made good progress on this point. We also made pit-stop training, which is important.”

Kazuki Nakajima: “MotorLand Aragon was a completely new track for us and, as a driver, not an easy circuit. It was really a big challenge. With the new aero package, we have made good progress. We have a good level of downforce and we found that we can improve on some areas. We had some problems but we fixed them: we are still in a learning program but at each test, we continue to go forward, so it is positive.”

Anthony Davidson: “For my first time at the wheel of the TS030 HYBRID, I felt confident very quickly. I really enjoyed my first experience with the Hybrid technology. The start procedure, with only the electric motor, is quite amazing! The car is good, with a lot of grip and it performs well in the slow corner: It’s very agile. This is the first step with our new aero package and I think we have a strong potential.”

Sébastien Buemi: “I am happy to have been back with the TS030 HYBRID and I have covered a lot of kilometers. I am now more used to the driving of a LMP1. We have still some parameters to set, but all the team is working hard and we move on in a good way. Team spirit is good. The car has really been enhanced since our last test, especially on the downforce. We also improve some details which will be crucial in a race like Le Mans.”