Quick catch up with… Kazuki Nakajima

Toyota Racing Launch and WEC Group TestHow has testing gone so far this year?

Basically we have had good tests since the beginning of the year. It is very nice to drive the TS040 HYBRID, particularly with four-wheel drive and as we explained at the launch it is great to experience 1000PS, although we don’t have that power all through a lap obviously. The car is very well built and much more comfortable to drive this year, with the revised driving position and better visibility. That will help the drivers during the long races, especially Le Mans. We think we have a good package but we have to wait until the first race to see the true performance. I am looking forward to it.

And how about the Prologue?

It is very interesting to see what the other competitors are doing with their car, and to see the performance. The results have been certainly been interesting and there is always something to learn; there’s still some time before the first race. It is a big help to test with all the other teams because this year we have a new focus on fuel efficiency so we are fuel saving much more than before. That means dealing with traffic is very important and that is something we cannot replicate in our own private testing, so the Prologue is very helpful. It is good to have this opportunity to see how it will be in the race.

Tell us more about what you’ve been up to these last few weeks…

This month I have been very busy. I had six tests in total; two in Super Formula, two in Super GT and two in WEC. It has been flat-out driving all these different cars! It is good for me, and it is important to get the mileage. Each one of those cars is completely new so there is a lot to learn but after going through the testing I feel ready for the season.