In 2019, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Trophy initiated by TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) will go into its second season and once again give the owners of GT86 race and rally cars the opportunity to fight for points and a total prize money of €80,000.

The concept of the Trophy, which offers GT86 drivers the chance to compete with no specific technical regulations and no entry fee, has proven to be successful in its inaugural season and will continue with minimal changes in 2019. These include a more even distribution of prize money and small adjustments to the points structure to again ensure a level playing field among race and rally drivers.

The TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Trophy is once again open to all three GT86 customer motorsport versions produced by TMG; the CS-V3 and CS-Cup race cars plus the CS-R3 rally car. For maximum flexibility, cars can be entered in any race or championship within Europe and earn points for the Trophy based on their results, the size of the grid and the level of competition.

The final Trophy standings will be determined by the best 10 registered results from each competitor in 2019. The total prize money of €80,000 Euros will be split among the top five drivers with €30,000 going to the winner, €20,000 to the second-placed driver, €15,000 will be granted for the third-place, €10,000 for the fourth and €5,000 for the fifth. The winners will be celebrated at an end-of-season awards ceremony.

Registrations for the 2019 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Trophy opened today and all important information for teams, drivers and fans alike can be found at