Born 15 February 1974, Waidhofen an der Thaya, Austria
Lives Monaco
Status Married to Julia, 3 children (Felix, Charlie and Oscar)
Height 1.87m
Weight 79kg
Hobbies Kite surfing, mountain biking, climbing, triathlon
Favourite track Le Mans, Monaco
Pets None
Favourite food Italian and Japanese
Best achievement Being the youngest Le Mans winner (1996)

Le Mans History

Le Mans Debut 1996
Le Mans Starts 9
Le Mans Best Result 1st (1996 & 2009)

Career History

1986 BMX World Championship: 1st
BMX European Championship: 2nd
1989 Austrian Kart Championship: 2nd
1991 European Formula Ford Cup: 2nd
Austrian Formula Ford Championship: 2nd
1992 European Formula Ford Cup: 1st
Austrian Formula Ford Championship: 1st
German Formula Ford Championship: 1st
1993 Austrian Formula 3 Championship: 1st
1994 German Formula 3 Championship: 2nd
1995 German Formula 3 Championship: 6th
1996 Le Mans 24 Hours (Team Joest): 1st
International Touring Car Championship (Opel): 16th
1997 Formula 1 (Benetton): 14th
FIA GT Championship (AMG Mercedes): 10th
1998 Formula 1 (Benetton): 8th
1999 Formula 1 (Benetton): 13th
2000 Formula 1 (Benetton): 15th
2001-2005 Formula 1 (McLaren): Third driver
2005 Formula 1 (McLaren): 17th (one race)
2006 Formula 1 (Williams): Third driver
2007 Formula 1 (Williams): 11th
2008 Formula 1 (Honda): Reserve driver
2009 Le Mans 24 Hours (Peugeot): 1st
Formula 1 (Brawn GP): Test driver
2010 Le Mans 24 Hours (Peugeot): DNF
Sebring 12 Hours (Peugeot): 1st
2011 Le Mans 24 Hours (Peugeot): 4th
Petit Le Mans (Peugeot): 1st
Spa 1,000km (Peugeot): 1st
2012 Le Mans 24 Hours (TOYOTA Racing): DNF
WEC (TOYOTA Racing): 3rd (3 wins)
2013 Le Mans 24 Hours (TOYOTA Racing): 4th
WEC (TOYOTA Racing): 4th (1 win)
2014 Le Mans 24 Hours (TOYOTA Racing): DNF
WEC (TOYOTA Racing) : 5th (1 win)