Born 13 September 1986, Hyogo, Japan
Lives Tokyo, Japan
Status Single
Height 1.68m
Weight 57kg

Le Mans History

Le Mans Debut 2013
Le Mans Starts 1
Le Mans Best Result 20th (2013)

Career History

1996 SL Takarazuka Tournament, Cadet: 3rd
1997 SL All Japan Cadet: 1st
1998 JAF Cup West Cadet: 1st
1999 SL All Japan Tournament (S stock, D class): 1st
2000 All Japan Junior Kart Championship
Suzuka Kart Championship: 1st
 2001 All Japan Kart Championship, ICA: 1st
Asia Pacific Kart Championship, ICA
Esso Formula Toyota Racing School scholarship
2002 Kart Euro Championship
Esso Formula Toyota Series (1 race)
2003 Esso Formula Toyota Series: 2nd
2004 Formula Renault Italia: 4th (2 wins)
2005 Formula Renault Italia: 1st (6 wins)
Formula Renault Eurocup: 1st (5 wins)
2006 Formula 3 Euro Series: 8th (Rookie of the Year)
2007 Formula 3 Euro Series: 4th (1 win)
2008 GP2 Series Asia: 6th (2 wins)
GP2 Series: 16th (1 win)
Formula 1 (TOYOTA Racing): Third driver
2009 GP2 Asia Series: 1st (2 wins)
GP2 Series: 16th (1 podium)
Formula 1 (TOYOTA Racing): 18th (two races)
2010 Formula 1 (Sauber): 12th
2011 Formula 1 (Sauber): 12th
2012 Formula 1 (Sauber): 12th
2013 WEC (Ferrari): 7th (World Endurance Cup for Pro Drivers)
2014 Formula 1 (Caterham): 22nd

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