Born 11 January 1985, Okazaki, Japan
Lives Tokyo, Japan
Status Single
Height 1.75m
Weight 62kg
Hobbies Football, sightseeing
Favourite track Fuji, Silverstone
Pets None
Favourite food Spanish and Japanese
Best achievement Being the first Japanese F1 driver to score points at Monaco (2008)

Le Mans History

Le Mans Debut 2012
Le Mans Starts 4
Le Mans Best Result 4th (2013)

Career History

1998 Began his career in karts
1999 Suzuka Kart Championship, ICA class: 1st
2003 Esso Formula Toyota: 1st
2004 Japanese Formula 3 Championship (TOM’S): 5th
Macau Grand Prix (TOM’S): 13th
2005 Japanese Formula 3 Championship (TOM’S): 2nd
Macau Grand Prix (TOM’S): 5th
Super GT (apr): 8th
2006 Formula 3 Euro Series (Manor): 7th
Macau Grand Prix (Manor): DNF
2007 GP2 Series (DAMS): 6th
Formula 1 (Williams): 22nd (one race)
2008 Formula 1 (Williams): 15th
2009 Formula 1 (Williams): 20th
2011 Formula Nippon (TOM’S): 2nd
Super GT (TOM’S): 7th
2012 Le Mans 24 Hours (TOYOTA Racing): DNF
WEC (TOYOTA Racing): 13th (1 win)
Formula Nippon (TOM’S): 1st
2013 Le Mans 24 Hours (TOYOTA Racing): 4th
WEC (TOYOTA Racing): 4th (1 win)
Super GT (TOM’S): 3rd (2 wins)
Super Formula (TOM’S): 4th (2 wins)
2014 Le Mans 24 Hours (TOYOTA Racing): DNF (poleman)
WEC (TOYOTA Racing) : 8th
Super GT (TOM’S): 5th (2 wins)
Super Formula (TOM’S): 1st (2 wins)