Technical Information

Type Le Mans Prototype (LMP1)
Bodywork Carbon fibre composite
Windscreen Polycarbonate
Gearbox Transversal with 7 gears, sequential
Gearbox casing Aluminium
Driveshafts Constant velocity tripod plunge-joint driveshafts
Clutch ZF-supplied multidisc
Differential Viscous mechanical locking differential
Suspension Independent front and rear double wishbone, pushrod-system
Springs Torsion bars
Anti roll bars Front and rear
Steering Hydraulically assisted
Brakes Dual circuit hydraulic braking system, mono-block light-alloy brake calipers front and rear
Discs Ventilated front and rear in carbon
Rims RAYS magnesium forged wheels
Front rims RAYS 13 x 18 inch
Rear rims RAYS 13 x 18 inch
Tyres Michelin radial
Front tyres 31/71-18
Rear tyres 31/71-18
Length 4650 mm
Width 1900 mm
Height 1050 mm
Powertrain TOYOTA HYBRID System – Racing (THS-R)
Engine 90° V8 normally aspirated
Capacity 3,7 l
Fuel Petrol
Lubricants Mobil 1
Valves 4
Overall max power over 1,000PS (engine and hybrid)
Front Hybrid Motor AISIN AW
Rear Hybrid Motor DENSO
Inverter DENSO