The Six Hours of Nürburgring is the home race for Toyota Motorsport GmbH – so we brought 600 guests to watch World Champions TOYOTA GAZOO Racing in action.

As in previous years, all employees as well as sponsors and business guests were invited to join together with their friends and family, which again made for a fantastic atmosphere. On show was the same spirit and same fun, just the location was different.

For many employees, this event represents the only chance to see their race car, the TS040 HYBRID, in action on the track. It is also a rare chance for some relaxing time together whilst enjoying our shared passion, motorsport.

This year the TMG hospitality was located directly next to the race track, in the four-star Dorint Hotel. This provided an unbeatable location on the start-finish straight and a perfect venue to refresh, experience some of various catering options and meet colleagues before and during the race.

The spectacular view from the roof of the Dorint was popular for all guests, especially those who are most familiar with races from the engineering offices at the track. “This year I had the opportunity to attend the event as a spectator and not as track support. The idea of the roof view of the track was great, I loved it,” said Daniele.

There were lots of smiles, fun and laughter. While following the action on the track, all guests experienced the kind of hospitality normally reserved for VIPs. That is no coincidence; for TMG, our employees are VIPs. A very hot Eifel day certainly added to the experience and gave the event a summer festival feeling. Being close enough to smell the cars passing just a few metres away was only part of the advantage at the Dorint; the paddock was only a short walk away.

On a cloudless day, most of the guests took the chance to mingle with the thousands of other race fans in the paddock or watch the action trackside. But without even a fresh breeze, the air-conditioned TMG hospitality was a welcome respite in between the sight-seeing. “The projector screens in every corner were fantastic so that you could see the race from anywhere in the lounge,” said Andrew. “Altogether it was a very good track day and myself and my girlfriend enjoyed it very much.”

To help everyone feel part of TMG’s race experience, nearly all drivers popped in to give an update, as well as pose for photos and provide some unique souvenirs. “There was a great atmosphere as drivers stopped by to discuss the race and sign autographs,” said Alastair. Always a highlight for all the guests!

At the end of a memorable day, all TMG guests left disappointed with the result but extremely happy with a fantastic day out at the Ring. The atmosphere among team members and guests was very relaxed and natural, like a big family all committed to supporting the team. “The event was brilliant; the hotel, roof terrace and catering was perfect and the guys and girls that looked after us were very efficient and friendly. The weather was perfect and we had a chance to walk down to Dunlop corner which was quite an experience,” said Stan. Arndt agreed: “Everything was great as usual. It was good to see our team as a team although we were not leading the race. Me and my brother have been very impressed!”

Whoever knows the fascination of the Nürburgring race track and the myths surrounding understands why the trip was so popular with the whole TMG ‘family’, with our 250 employees and guests all agreed that it was a great day.

Now all eyes look to next year, when we enjoying our next track-event together.