TMG GT86 Cup: Amweg/Lampert much in the lead

  • Turbulent 8th TMG GT86 Cup race
  • Toyota Swiss Racing Team wins 4th race this season
  • Ring Racing 2nd despite a breakdown

Smallest risk, highest score – that is the strategy the leaders, Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert, want to apply over the last two TMG GT86 Cup races this season. In the latest, the eigth, it already worked. The Toyota Swiss Racing Team duo used the perfect weather for its fourth win and is now much in the lead.

“It was a turbulent race with a lot of yellow phases, so I’m glad that our drivers suffered no accidents. For us, in the end it was all about pace and keeping focused and win this race, a development having becoming ever more likely. And they did that exceptionally well,” said Toyota Swiss Racing Team boss Roland Baumann.

Ordinarily, the  attractive TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) brand cup’s races are extremely exciting. This race was the exception to the rule. While Amweg/Lampert, numbered 535, started from the pole position and drove a perfect race, their competitors suffered a few problems.

Nils Jung and Florian Wolf, for example, had to make a very early pit stop when their car developed electrical problems. While their mechanics did a good job, Jung/Wolf had already lost so much time that they were out of the race, figuratively speaking. But during the chase that followed they certainly showed their mettle and ended the race ranking second.

“Brody“ and Bruno-Francesco Barbaro (Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith), ranking third overall and this time without Olivier Muytjens, who couldn’t take part because of his job, had even more bad luck. Barbaro was involved in an accident after only half an hour and his Toyota, numbered 532, crashed into the perimeter fence. Unhurt, Barbaro was able to get the car back to the pit, where the Belgian team once again performed extraordinarily well and had the GT86, heavily damaged at the front, repaired in good time. All to no avail, though, because a consequential damage later made them end the race early. The same happened to their team mates Kurt Dujardyn and Jacques Derenne, who gave up 45 minutes early after a technical defect.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsports: “Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert coped very well with the pressure they are exposed to as those in the lead. After a perfect race, they deserved to win and are now in a very good position also to win the championship.“

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