TMG GT86 Cup: Head-to-head race for the title win

  • Four teams with valid chances of the title in TOYOTA’s one-make cup
  • Unchanged state of the table before the eighth round
  • Test opportunity on the Grand Prix course

It is the time of the arithmetic artists. For the eighth of the nine races in the TMG GT86 Cup on 7 October, the top teams will all have their eyes on the points as the final reckoning beckons. As it was often the case in the history of the one-make cup of TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH the fight for the Cup title will go to the wire.

In front, Milltek Racing lead by nine points and are therefore favourites going into the penultimate race of the year. 115 points have been won so far by the British team, which has been victorious in three TMG GT86 Cup races. Chasing them, Toyota Swiss Racing has won two races so far in 2017 with a total of 106 championship points. But there is still nothing decided yet, as all Cup participants have one scratch result at the end of the season. While the Swiss team, due to their failure in the first race, would lose “only” two points for the pole position, leader Milltek Racing would have to scratch ten points for fifth place in the third race. 105 points for Milltek Racing to 104 points for Swiss Racing would then be the adjusted standings.

Steve Pound, Managing Director of Milltek Sport and team boss of Milltek Racing, summed up the excitement with one sentence: “Actually, after seven races everything is almost exactly the same as at the start of the season. Nothing is decided.” However, the Briton expressed his determination to defend that lead until the final round on 21 October. “We will do everything we can to get the trophy for the overall win.”

Toyota Swiss Racing has exactly the same plan. “Now it depends on every little thing. You cannot afford to make mistakes and you have to take the right balance of some risk and safety,” explains Roland Baumann, team boss of the reigning Cup champions.

Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith is ranked third overall with 78 points at the moment and has no reason to fear a strike result due to its zero-point weekend in the first round. Although Leutheuser Racing & Events is fourth in the table, they have also mathematical chances for the title. The winner in 2013, the debut year of the Cup, so far has 69 points and as well a zero-point scratch result.

Ahead of the eighth round of the TMG GT86 Cup, TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH offers interested drivers and teams the chance to experience a GT86 CS-Cup car. On Friday (6 October) test drives on the Grand Prix course of the Eifel circuit are possible from 10:00 to 14:00. For further information and registration please visit:

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