TMG GT86 Cup: new leaders feel pressure

  • 8th TMG GT86 Cup race this season
  • New role for Amweg/Lampert
  • Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith handicapped

Who has the next ace up his sleeve when fighting for the TMG GT86 Cup championship? Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert, Toyota Swiss Racing Team, the new overall leaders (119 points) have scored three wins this season, just like Nils Jung and Florian Wolf, Team Ring Racing (108 points) right behind them but ahead of “Brody“, Bruno-Francesco Barbaro and Olivier Muytjens of the Belgian Pitlane – AMC Sankt Vith team, who have only one win to their name but have also scored 108 points thus far. (Ring Racing is the second due to having placed better.) The next race in this fight for the TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH brand cup on Nürburgring’s Nordschleife will take place on 24 September.

Manuel Amweg still doesn’t quite know what to make of it all: “To be sure, it feels good to be in the lead, but you also feel more pressure. We will perhaps not be quite as carefree as usual. Now it is even more important to be gentle on your car and not too daring. We need to cross the finish line and score,” the Swiss driver says.

But not too daring does not mean slow. “We have shown that we are fast enough to win, but now we also know that we do not have to take too many risks. Better ranking second than not at all,” reads his new credo.

“Now we are no longer the hunters but the hunted,” is how Florian Wolf describes the new situation. “But we will rise to this challenge and attack. We will once again give our all and want to win.” “All three remaining races, we hope. After all, we want to win the title,” add Nils Jung.

Pitlane – AMC Sankt Vith, however, will be handicapped. Boss and co-driver Olivier Muytjens will be kept away by his job. “Brody“ and Bruno-Francesco Barbaro will therefore be alone when trying to defend their good position. “I’m sure that they will make the best of it,” says Muytjens.

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