TMG GT86 Cup: Technical updates for the TMG GT86 CS-V3

Next season, obligatory and optional components will deliver better performance and handling for the already-popular race car.

TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has made use of the TMG GT86 Cup winter break to further enhance its GT86 CS-V3 race car. The first year of the TMG GT86 Cup saw the GT86 CS-V3 achieve very positive feedback from participants and the 2014 updates will deliver more performance and sharper handling as part of a very cost-effective package. Coupled with an increase in the TMG GT86 Cup prize money to a total of €86,000 and other special terms, the second season of this growing competition is even more attractive to new and existing entrants.

Obligatory components

From 2014, the TMG GT86 CS-V3 will only be delivered with high-performance Bilstein suspension and this will be obligatory for all TMG GT86 Cup 2014 entrants. Existing owners, however, will be offered a free upgrade when they register for the TMG GT86 Cup 2014 and return an undamaged 2013-specification suspension. Also obligatory this year will be PFC brake discs, which when tested at Paul Ricard over the winter showed improved braking performance and durability, which should make for even faster lap times.

Optional retrofits

TMG also has a number of other technical updates that can be retrofitted into the TMG GT86 CS-V3, and are conforming to the updated TMG GT86 Cup regulations. A new exhaust manifold and engine mapping provide better torque and deliver reduced fuel consumption while engine power remains unchanged. Winter testing allowed TMG to develop an updated brake cooling system whish delivered better brake efficiency while a new driver’s seat provides a lower centre of gravity and more headroom for improved comfort during long-distance races. Other optional components include spacers for the front and rear wheels to provide more stability in cornering. New front and rear axle stabilisers are also three-step adjustable and about 60% stiffer than the standard part.

And as another highlight, as of the end of February there will be an online shop to order components and spares ensuring a user-friendly process. This is offered in addition to the on-site spares service on TMG GT86 Cup race weekends.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport: “With these technical innovations and the extensive tests we have thoroughly up-rated the TMG GT86 CS-V3 in terms of its performance and dynamics and there we will see faster lap times. Also, the lower fuel consumption provides a better range and promises more excitement next season.”

Prize money, terms of registration and rules

In 2014, TMG GT86 Cup prize money will be increased to a total of €86,000, paid out to the top eight places in the end-of-season rankings. Attractive in-kind prizes and lower purchasing costs and registration fees also make the TMG series very attractive to newcomers while TMG has a number of customised financing models. Registration costs are EUR 4,500 per car, including not only participation in the TMG GT86 Cup and special conditions on tyres and spares but also three obligatory OMP racing overalls. Guest drivers will be able to rent a racing overall from the TMG GT86 Cup organisation.


 TMG GT86 Cup 2014 prizes:

1. place: 25,000 €

2. place: 18,000 €

3. place: 13,000 €

4. place: 8,000 €

5. place: 7,000 €

6. place: 6,000 €

7. place: 5,000 €

8. place: 4,000 €


TMG GT86 Cup 2014 events*:

29 March

12 April

26 April

17 May

5 July

2 August

23 August

13 September

11 October

25 October


*All races will take place on Nürburgring within the framework of the VLN championship.

The TMG GT86 Cup rules are currently being finalised and will be published at in a timely fashion.

Interested teams and drivers will find information on the cup at, where they will also find a data base for drivers looking for teams and vice versa.