TMG GT86 Cup: The fight for the top position continues

The sixth round of the TMG GT86 Cup saw a turbulent weekend, both on the track and in the standings. The “36. RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen” race at the Nuerbuegring was run in very bad weather: fog, drizzle and a real downpour forced the VLN organisers to end the race early. But despite this weather the teams delivered an exciting race with some fierce competition. Dörr Motorsport fielded two TMG GT86 CS-V3 racing cars and these finished first (#534; Stefan Kenntemich, Dirk Heldemann, Kristian Vetter, Arne Hoffmeister) and fourth (#533; Arne Hoffmeister, Fabian Wrabetz, Heiko Hahn). Leutheuser Racing&Events, car #530, came in second and had the fastest lap (10:17.332). And with those points Jutta Beisiegel and Alexander Kudrass also regained their top position in the overall standings. Finishing third in the race were Theo Kleen and Andreas Gülden, #536, who could not maintain the advantage after qualifying on pole position.

Jutta Beisiegel (Leutheuser Racing&Events): “On the Nordschleife we once again had the weather you always expect here in the Eifel: fog, drizzle, slippery and greasy sections and, for good measure, a downpour as well. The sixth TMG GT86 Cup race was therefore determined by the right tyre strategy. So I’m very glad that our team did so  well and my colleague Alexander Kudrass and I were able to regain the top position in the overall standings.“

Fifth were Christoph Wüest and Rene Lüthi (both Switzerland), driving the Toyota Suisse Racing #532. They finished one lap down. Ludo, Marc and Ken Stessens (Belgium) from the Renstal Excelsior team finished sixth, two laps down.

The sixth race of the season had the following impact upon the overall standings: Arne Hoffmeister (24.17 points) is no longer the top man but has been replaced by Jutta Beisiegel und Alexander Kudrass (both 27.42) and now ranks third. Wolfgang Kudrass is second, with 24.50 points. So the fight for the title has not been decided yet and the champion will only be determined in the next three races.