TMG United – a team of highly-motivated volunteers

TMG United began life in 2013 as an opportunity for employees of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe (TGR-E), formerly known as TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG), to experience motorsport first hand, by taking on new tasks and in the VLN at the Nürburgring in their spare time.

The members of TMG United come from various divisions of TGR-E, technical and administrative, and dedicate their spare time to work on the project, preparing the car in a dedicated workshop at the Cologne facility before handling all aspects of team operations at the Nürburgring.

TGR-E provides a small budget each year to foster the passion for motorsport which motivates many of its employees, even those whose daily tasks are not related to racing in any obvious way.

Originally, TGR-E United participated with a close-to-production GT86 CS-V3 car and immediately began fighting for victories in the VLN class V3 (production cars of up to 2000 cm3) alongside several GT86 rivals.

In 2016 the team stepped up a gear and upgraded to a GT86 CS-Cup car, which featured additional modifications for improved performance and also exposed TMG United to a higher level of competition within the popular SP3 category.

Year by year, TMG United refined their team work and showed ever-increasing performance, regularly beating respected motorsport teams and their specialised personnel on the challenging Nürburgring Nordschleife.

In 2018, TMG United chose to take on yet another new challenge by participating in the legendary Nürburgring 24 Hours race for the first time, encouraged by recent victories in the SP3 class.

Although a 24-hour victory proved out of reach in 2018, the learning experience was rewarded with a hard-earned trophy for third place, laying the foundations for a memorable 2019 season.

As well as being increasingly competitive since their debut in 2013, TMG United has also become a familiar face to fans around the Nordschleife and their progress is now followed closely by the large VLN fan community.

So in June 2019, victory by TMG United in the SP3 class of the Nürburgring 24 Hours was popular and well-deserved reward for a dedicated team of volunteers who reached the top powered by their passion for motorsport.

While the 2019 24h Nürburgring winning car enjoys its well-deserved retirement in TGR-E’s Motorsport Museum alongside legendary WRC, Formula 1 and LMP1 cars, the story of TMG United is not over yet. In 2020, the volunteers team aims to achieve the same feat that Toyota’s WEC team has already done in Le Mans, and that is to defend the 24h title.