TOYOTA GAZOO Racing team members will demonstrate their commitment to the FIA World Endurance Championship’s fuel-efficiency philosophy like never before this season.

The team has decided to implement WEC regulations across the board, meaning team members must also adjust to a change of diet from the first race of the season, at Silverstone later this month.

This season’s TS050 HYBRID moves up to the 8MJ hybrid category, but its twin turbo petrol engine must adapt to a 7.5% reduction in fuel energy. To mirror this, team catering will also be modified at race tracks.

In order to generate additional energy via liquid intake, the team has ordered an additional 500 cans of soft drinks, with diet or zero variations no longer offered. In parallel, a 7.5% reduction of food energy will be implemented by the simple solution of removing dessert from the menu at both lunch and dinner.

As in WEC races, refuelling rates will also be regulated to ensure fairness; new smaller serving spoons and reduced-size plates have been specifically developed and will make their debut at Silverstone.

In other news, the team wishes its fans a happy 1 April!