TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Launches Le Mans Special Website

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) today launched a special website for the 24 Hours of Le Mans to be held on September 19 and 20 within the TGR official website. The TGR key visual seeking a third consecutive victory at Le Mans and a special movie that looks back on TGR’s history of racing at Le Mans titled “Le Mans: Our Challenge” were also released on the same day. During race week, on-board live streaming is scheduled and flash reports from Le Mans will be released and also posted on TGR Twitter to offer the latest information to motorsports fans.

TGR Special Website for Le Mans

To bring the joy of this year’s no-spectators Le Mans 24-hour endurance race from various points of view, TGR today launched a special website within its official website to deliver the latest news via the website and social media. In addition to on-board live streaming, detailed race reports and news flash timeline linked with Twitter, and distribution of news from Le Mans during the race week and other content that sheds light on TGR’s challenges at Le Mans.

Special Website URL: 

Website content:

  • On-board live streaming (at final round)
  • Twitter-linked news flash timeline
  • Team and drivers / What’s WEC
  • Race reports, wallpapers etc.

TGR key visual for Le Mans

The key visual aimed at a third consecutive victory at 24 Hours of Le Mans was released today as well.

This year’s design features the TS050 HYBRID, which will enter the race for the last time this season. The car in the visual is the actual TS050 HYBRID that raced last season, succeeded in winning a second consecutive 24 Hours of Le Mans, and led the team to a Series Championship last year. Last season’s TS050 HYBRID is used as the key visual for this year’s Le Mans to suggest continuity of its story from past years.

The number “3” is placed prominently in the design to express the team’s determination for a third win in the historic race with the TS050 HYBRID. The bold strokes express the team’s commitment to unite in their challenge to win a third Le Mans victory, the sense of speed and thrill at the racing circuit, and the power of the TS050 HYBRID.

TGR Red is used in the background to represent TGR’s actions, suggesting the upsurge in excitement and tension at the race. The color also represents TGR’s wish to share the excitement, exhilaration and joy which we can share with motorsports fans.

The key visual can be downloaded as wallpaper from the TGR Le Mans Special Website.

Special movie “Le Mans: Our Challenge” portrays TGR’s challenges at Le Mans

A special TGR movie titled “Le Mans: Our Challenge” that looks back to its racing history at Le Mans from its first entry in 1985 to its attempt to achieve a third straight win this year, was released today.

It tells the history of Toyota’s challenges at Le Mans since 1985, which was also a history of pain and regret. A win at the historic endurance race was a longstanding dream for the entire team, which refused to give up and continued to fight in face of setbacks. “Le Mans: Our Challenge” shows how difficult it is to win the race and the history of Toyota’s relentless pursuit of success at Le Mans. Once again this year, the TGR team will unite to turn a new page in the history of 24 Hours of Le Mans, now in its 88th year, and attempt to win for the third consecutive time.