GT86 Cup Round 5: TOYOTA Swiss Racing Team Triumphs

This season’s fifth TMG GT86 Cup race showed top motorsports once again. After an exciting race, with multiple changes in the leading position, Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert (Toyota Swiss Racing Team), won for the second time this season. Second were Olivier Muytjens, Bruno Barbaro and “Brody“ (Pit Lane – AMC St. Vith), followed by the table-toppers, Nils Jung and Florian Wolf of the Ring Racing team. So at this season’s half-time, as it were, there is growing excitement. After all, the top three in this race are also the top three overall (with Ring Racing first, followed by  Toyota Swiss Racing Team and Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith), with their scores now even closer apart.

In the beginning Jung/Wolf (Ring Racing), having started from the pole position, and Amweg/Lampert (Toyota Swiss Racing Team) fought a real duel, with the team in the overall lead changing all the time. “In the seventh lap, we had bad luck with a yellow phase and then couldn’t catch up with the Swiss,“ said Florian Wolf later. And this was not the only misfortune for Ring Racing. In the 17th lap, out of 23, they suffered a puncture in the “Karussell”. Wolf: “Our return to the pit, at no more than 80 kph, cost us more than a minute and thus also the second place. I’m glad we ended up third.“

The Toyota Swiss Racing Team, however, not only won but also drove the fastest lap in the Cup (9:53.490 min). “Well, we wanted to win, and we are so glad that it all worked out as planned,” says a cheerful Roland Baumann, the team’s boss. “But it was very exciting. After all, the top teams in this year’s TMG GT86 Cup are all first-class. This race was really nerve-racking to watch.“

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsports: “Our TMG GT86 Cup – as always part of the VLN – once again gave us fascinating moments and much excitement. I was particularly pleased to have dry conditions this time, after a rainy race last time, and see our upgrade, the GT86 CS-Cup, perform perfectly in these conditions too.“