Toyota Swiss Racing Team wins third time in a row

  • 9th TMG GT86 Cup race
  • Amweg/Lampert extend lead
  • Jung/Wolf lose ground with 2nd place

Did this race predetermine the final outcome in the TMG GT86 Cup? In the ninth round of the TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) brand cup in the VLN, Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert won for the fifth time – and the third time in a row. After an exciting race in changeable weather, Nils Jung and Florian Wolf (Ring Racing) ranked second, before Achim Wawer and Eric Curran (Mathol Racing).

The Toyota Swiss Racing Team was very relieved when the TMG GT86 Cup car numbered 535 had won after 23 laps. After it had started to rain, the last two laps of this 4h race had been quite a challenge to all drivers, especially on the grand-prix stretch, and made the teams in the pits nervous. “But we already had quite a gap in front and I could finish the race in a methodical manner,” says Manuel Amweg.

The team had already started cautiously on the still wet track. “In view of the overall score, we decided to use wet tyres. But since only a bit later the track was already dry, we switched to dry tyres after one lap. We did very well and our drivers did so too,” reads boss Hannes Gautschi’s conclusion.

Nils Jung was not quite so content after. “Sadly, in the beginning we couldn’t reach the top team’s speed and lost a lot of ground. While we were able to catch up in the second half, Amweg/Lampert already had too much of an edge on us.“

Meanwhile Achim Wawer and Eric Curran (Mathol Racing) ranked third – this was quite unexpected, actually, since it only was Wawer’s first VLN race and his American co-driver’s second in the TMG GT86 Cup. “Achim Wawer and Eric Curran really performed well,” says Alexander Fielenbach of the Mathol Racing team.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsports: “Congrats to the Toyota Swiss Racing Team on another win and the team and drivers’ consistent performance this season. But I must pay my compliments to the other teams as well. After all, all cars finished this TMG GT86 Cup race safely in sometimes difficult conditions. This certainly attests to their quality.“

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