Toyota Swiss Racing Team’s 3rd win this season

  • New team at the top of the overall standing after seventh TMG GT86 Cup race
  • Amweg/Lampert now in the lead
  • Favourites Jung/Wolf first no-score this season

Cheers could be heard in Nürburgring pit 10, and no wonder: the TMG GT86 Cup’s seventh race this season was won by Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert, who are now the top team in the TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH’s (TMG) brand cup. Ranking second, “Brody“, Bruno-Francesco Barbaro and Olivier Muytjens of the Belgian Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith team. Ranking third in this race were first-timers Lucian Gavris, Dale Lomas, Jean-Francois Brunot and Tom Onslow-Cole of the Team BTG.

After the exciting battle by Nils Jung and Florian Wolf versus Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert of the Toyota Swiss Racing Team in the last race, which the Ring Racing drivers only won by a whisker, fans had hoped for another one. This time, however, Florian Wolf suffered a crash in the qualifying, leaving the car in disrepair. “At the end of the grand-prix course’s Warsteiner bend I went too far over the kerbs, made a turn and hit the perimeter,” said a Wolf.

This cleared the way for Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert, breathing down their necks, who made use of his opportunity and no mistake, scoring the maximum number of points. “This was not as obvious an outcome as the result seems to indicate. It was an exciting fight, but this time we were the lucky ones,” Roland Baumann said.

And the Pit Lane – AMC Sankt Vith Team, headed by driver Olivier Muytjens, were tough opponents, in the first half of the race in particular. But despite not having won their second win this season, Muytjens was quite content: “All drivers performed well. We might have won if we had been more lucky, but then we had to change the prop shaft in the last hour. Our team only needed 15 minutes for it, but that was when we lost out on the Swiss.“

The TMG GT86 Cup novices also performed well. For Lucian Gavris, Dale Lomas, Jean-Francois Brunot and Tom Onslow-Cole, Team BTG, this may well have been the beginning of a beautiful permanent start. “They did very well indeed,” commented Uwe Kleen, whose Ring Racing Team services the quartet’s car. “Third place is much more that we would have expected beforehand.“

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsports: “This was a tough race for all teams. My congratulations go out to the Toyota Swiss Racing Team. The race may have been even more exciting if Jung and Wolf had been there, but now we have a new table, so the next races will be even more exciting.”

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